Why Metal is the Roofing Material of the Future

Metal roofing has long gotten a bit of a bad name, and for no reason. Today’s metal roofs are not only fantastic but cost-effective. So, let’s jump and showcase why steel roofing in Toronto is the roofing material of the future. 

Fire resistant

First and foremost, Toronto metal roofing is fire-resistant, so you will not have to worry about issues moving forward. Whether your steel roof faces a massive summer storm or even power lines, your fire-resistant Metal roof in Toronto will still be standing at the end of the day.



Unlike other roofing methods, metal roofing is one of the lightest roofing materials on the market. In fact, when compared to tile roofs, a steel roof in Toronto is approximately ten times lighter. This means that your home will not bear the weight of a heavy roof for years, eliminating some wear and tear on your home.



Metal roofs are known to outlast most people in their homes. Unlike shingle roofs with 15 to 20-year lifespans, a properly maintained metal roof can last over 50 years. The reason for this is quite simple. Steel roofs have treated metal on them and can last for years. Unlike other options on the market, steel roofs are genuinely built to last.



Some people who are new to the roofing industry are often surprised to hear that metal roofing is one of the best options for those looking to conserve energy. Interestingly, metal roofs can save energy which means your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Your metal roof will reflect the sun’s heat and stop the radiation bleed that other roofs struggle with.


Resistance to the environment

Last but certainly not least, Toronto metal roofing is resistant to mildew, insects, rot, and pretty much anything else that can plague a roof. This is part of the reason why metal roofs can last so long! You do not have to worry about water or other issues that those with asphalt shingles or even tile roofs have to worry about. 

So, as you can see, the future of roofing is certainly the metal roof. It is fire-resistant, resource-saving, and most of all, long-lasting. No matter where you live in the Greater Toronto Area, a metal roof is always worth a consideration for your roof replacement. From Hamilton to Oshawa, metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, and you can certainly see why.