Five Ways a Metal Roof will save You Money

Whether you are looking to invest in a metal roof or have some questions on whether a metal roof in Toronto is a good choice for your home, yes, a metal roof is worth the investment. Here are five ways that investing in metal roofing will save you money. 


Unmatched lifespan

There are not many roof types that come close to matching steel roofing lifespan when it comes to roofing. Traditional roofs will last between 10-20 years, depending on a few factors, such as the home’s area and the wear and tear that your home goes through. In comparison, a steel roof can last over 50 years. Simply put, steel roofing is unmatched in terms of lifespan. 


Energy efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of having a metal roof in Toronto is the cost savings you will see during the summer. Metal roofs reflect much of the sun’s heat and radiation, ensuring that your home is not heating up as much. Leading researchers have estimated that a metal roof can provide as much as 25-40 percent of cooling costs compared to traditional roofs, and with today’s cost of air conditioning, that can mean a lot of money for your wallet. 


Wind and Weather protection

Toronto metal roofing will save you money over the long term in maintenance and fixes compared to a traditional roof. Traditional roofs struggle in thunderstorms and snowstorms, while metal roofs excel. You will not have to worry about water, mildew, or rot, nor will you need to replace shingles that fly off.


Quick installation

As metal roofing is designed to be lightweight, installation is a breeze. Many metal roofing companies in Markham, Toronto or GTA can finish an entire roof in as little as a day. The faster installation times will also mean that you are paying less for the most expensive part of roofing, the labor.


Lower insurance costs

Your monthly insurance bill may also go down when you invest in metal roofing in Toronto. In some cases, insurance companies will provide up to a 10 percent discount. Naturally, it will depend on your insurance company but with metal roofing’s superior protection against extreme weather and fire, insurance companies are typically more than willing to provide you with an incentive. 


So, as you can see, a metal roof is often a great way to save you money over the short, medium, and long term. Not only will it look great, but your metal roof might be the best investment you make for your home.